A Look at Recent 2019 Volkswagen Arteon Reviews

The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon is one of the most impressive new vehicles to hit the market in Canada this year. Spacious, luxurious and packed with the latest features, the 2019 Arteon is a worthy, brand-new flagship for the Volkswagen brand. Here’s a quick glance at some of the recent reviews published on the new Arteon.

In this age where SUVs and crossovers rule the Earth, it’s good to know that some companies still believe in sedans. This one is actually a liftback/hatchback, with 60/40 fold-down rear seats, making it almost as convenient as a crossover anyway, without the sometimes ungainly proportions of a crossover SUV. In that regard, you can argue that an Arteon is the best of both worlds – Autoweek 


…the Arteon is stylish, comfortable and very well equipped. Furthermore, its powertrain provides a reasonable balance between performance and economy. And for the buying public tired of seeing crossovers seemingly in every driveway, it is a refreshing alternative –


Stepping into the Arteon, you’ll find a mix of what VW has to offer in terms of materials in its lineup, whether it be from the GTI and the Jetta GLI, but with some Audi traits. The almighty analog clock triumphs on top of the dashboard, letting you know that this is a sedan for sophisticated and modern fellas who still embrace the old ways. The design is simple, yet classy – but not luxurious. Just like we like our V-Dub sedans. And most of all, it is deafeningly quiet.

The seating is that of a luxury car, however. It is extremely comfortable and seriously spacious in the front and in the back. The driving position is optimal, and visibility comes without the clutter in the A-pillar thanks to frameless windows. Space in the trunk is quite ample, at 563 liters to 1557 liters of total volume available – MotorIllustrated 

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