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May 17 2016,

Through Volkswagen they offer a program called Wear protection. This is an interior and exterior coverage plan designed to take the worry out of life's little mishaps. Wear Protection offers the following coverage:

Tire and Wheel protection: repair or replacement of VW recommended tires and/or wheels for damage cause by road hazards such as potholes, nails, debris and tree limbs.

Interior Protection: repair of damage to the interior fabric, vinyl or leather components due to spills such as coffee or damage to due to weather induced cracking or splitting.

Front Windshield Protection: replacement or repair of chips and/or cracks caused by propelled rocks or road hazard debris. Coverage also includes stress cracks caused by extreme temperature changes.

Paintless Dent Removal: removal of small dents or exterior vertical body panels without harming the original finish of your VW.

Key and Keyless Remote Start Replacement: repair or replacement of lost, stolen or damaged keys and/or keyless entry remotes.

This program has rental benefits and optional road side assistance benefits for its customers that allow for a painless experience. This even has coverage for seasonal tires with curb scuff repair. This is a $0 deductible program, allowing for a one-time charge for all your repair needs. This program is fully backed by the Volkswagen brand, for more information on their program please visit www.vwpp.ca for more information.

Through a program called SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques) we are able tooffer our customers a similar service as Volkswagen but with one key difference, they are mobile and can come to you for most repair work. This adds a lot more convenience to our customers. SmartProgram created an appearance protection service to help you keep your vehicle in its finest condition and ensuring pride of ownership. It's coverage keeps your vehicle looking its best for longer, stalling depreciation and maintaining the value of your car. Their services include:

Scratch Repair: through an exclusive service called SSR (Sprayless Scratch Repair) they are able to cosmetically cover the damaged area to near pre-damaged condition. In most cases, the repair can be performed while you wait.

Door Dings: SmartProgram technicians remove small dings and dents without harming your vehicles factory paint. There is no sanding, filling or repainting. The value of your vehicle is preserved without the constant problem of color matching. This is not only efficient but quick. In many cases, your vehicle's dent can be repaired while you wait.

Interior Repair: technicians provide prompt professional repairs that exceed most factory repair specifications. Small damaged areas on leather, cloth seats, door panels and armrests can, in most cases, be returned to like new condition.

Alloy Wheel Repair: technicians have been specially trained to cosmetically repair scuffs, scrapes and gouges to factory alloy wheels, restoring your wheels to like new condition.

For more information, video demonstrations and more please visit their website at www.thesmartprogram.ca.

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