Volkswagen says goodbye to a legend with the 2019 Beetle Wolfsburg

October 31 2018,

Volkswagen says goodbye to a legend with the 2019 Beetle Wolfsburg

All good things must come to an end. And at Volkswagen, it's time to pay a last tribute to the iconic Beetle.

On sale for one last go around by Volkswagen in 2019, the famous Beetle, also affectionately known as the Ladybug, will be offered in a final edition called Wolfsburg this year.


Style comes first with the 2019 Volkswagen Beetle Wolfsburg

At South Center Volkswagen, we know that the feeling of belonging between our customers and their Volkswagen is sometimes very strong. Beetle owners are particularly attached to their vehicle, and we can understand them. Well aware of the emptiness that will be created by the Beetle’s departure, Volkswagen has made sure to highlight the car’s final run.

Available from $ 24,475 in the Coupe version and $ 28,475 for the convertible variant, the Volkswagen Beetle Wolfsburg is equipped with classic 17-inch Knoxville alloy wheels, a sunroof, and keyless access, push-button start, a navigation system and specially designed seats.

In addition to this, the Beetle Wolfsburg Edition puts safety front and center with a blind spot monitoring system, a cross-traffic alert system activated when backing up, and rain-sensing wipers.

We are certainly far from the first-generation Beetle, but who’s complaining. At least the design of the Beetle has remained faithful to that of its ancestor despite the decades that separate them.

The Beetle, a car that changed history

Already a legend, the Beetle is the car that gave birth to Volkswagen. It is from her that everything has flowed.

After a noble career in which more than 21 million units were produced, the original Beetle officially retired in 2003. Here however, its sales ended much earlier, but we also got the 1998 New Beetle which was one of the most defining cars of the 1990s.

After a very impressive second career spanning two decades, it is now the end for the Beetle. No doubt, the Wolfsburg edition of the 2019 Beetle is a model that will go down in history.

Come see it for yourself before it’s gone for good. We are waiting for you at South Center Volkswagen!

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