Paint Sealant – South Centre VW

Paint Protection
This is a long-lasting sealant that enhances the clear coat on your car. People may not realize but the suns UV rays are harmful to your cars paint coat. So other exterior factors like road salt. This product acts a shield reflecting ultraviolet rays. The application of this treatment leaves the surface significantly smoother so there is no need to wax. The Environmental Paint upgrade will protect your car against the damage caused by acid rain, tree sap, and bird droppings. These are all things that can eat through your top coat and into the paint leaving what looks like stains and will never come off.This is great for anyone that is planning on keeping their cars longer than 4 years or does not have the luxury of garage parking. Even if you do park in a garage, city driving of any kind throws a whole bunch at your car. This is backed by a 5-year guarantee on new cars and 3 years on used.