Protect Your Car with 3M Film

Road debris is a fact of life for many Albertans, especially in the winter months. Rocks, dirt, sand, and bugs damage your vehicles expensive paint jobs. You spend so much time picking the right trim level to fit your needs but just as much time to decide on colour. Certain colors are more high maintenance than others but they all have the same problem.

The base coat on vehicles is white, what this means is that when you get those inevitable rock chips, they will be visible. Darker paint colors like red, blue, grey and black will show rock chips clearly. On lighter car colors rock chips are less noticeable but will show premature rusting caused by these rock chips more clearly than their darker counterparts.

Even though your car is a depreciating asset it is still valuable. As I see all the time in this business people negotiate prices down to get the lowest price but when it comes to selling these same cars they want the most they can get. One way to get the most for your vehicle is to make sure that it is in the best condition possible when selling it. People can't help but point out dings, dents and small scratches on used cars they are buying and they use these as negotiation tools.

Knowing that you will someday sell your vehicle and knowing that this will be a 'new' car for someone else, do everything you can to protect its value. You have to give potential customers a reason to pay the price you are asking. If they can walk around your car and find little to argue about you are more likely to get your asking price or close to it.

We offer a product called 3M paint protection film. This is a durable, high grade, colorless urethane film that is applied to high-impact areas of your vehicle. This is a protective barrier between road debris and your delicate paint. Damage to your paint is significantly reduced or prevented altogether.

Our job is to make sure that we present all the options to our customers allowing them to make an informed decision. The 3M film is the #1 asked for option at our dealership. This tells us that more and more people see the value in this product and understand the benefits it holds.

We have several options to offer our clients depending on their coverage needs. We are competitively priced at both dealerships and private retailers. Give us a call or come in and see us today and let us go through your options and show you why and how this will benefit you.