The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is coming soon

Unveiled at the 2018 New York International Auto Show, the plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport quickly stole the show in the Big Apple with its stunning design and modern technology. More than just a concept with no hope of ever being produced, the Atlas Cross Sport is actually moving towards production and a few outlets have had the chance to drive it.


The Atlas Cross Sport tested here was powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine taken from the Volkswagen Atlas three-row SUV and not the super powerful plug-in hybrid V6 with two electric motors pushing the power up to 355 horsepower. Still, those that drove it had a lot of good things to say about the new Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport.


Even the suspension settings are essentially the same as those of the three-row Atlas. So on the road, the Cross Sport feels largely identical to its slightly larger brother. That's not a bad thing. We like the Atlas. Sure, its transmission is ever-eager to upshift, putting the V-6 outside of its powerband. And the Cross Sport's second-row head- and legroom measurements are comparable to those of the regular Atlas – Car&Driver




Those familiar with the Atlas will immediately find solace in the driver's seat of the Cross Sport. The dash layout is virtually identical. The only thing that's notably different is the steering wheel. The Cross Sport's thinner, three-spoke wheel feels better formed than the current, chunkier three-spoke option on Atlas. Its buttons are easier to use, too. What's obvious is that VW intends to fill a niche that neither the Tiguan nor Atlas can (but other manufacturers already have). And with that in mind, the Atlas Cross Sport makes total sense. So far, it's a promising start – Motor1




Climbing out of the valley and up to 4,000 feet of elevation, the Atlas pulls its trailer with ease, and even in these 123-degrees-Fahrenheit conditions, the temperature gauge's needle never modes past the halfway point. The Cross Sport's towing package doesn't include a brake upgrade, but on the way down the steep slope, they offer surefooted stopping power with the extra load behind me. The transmission also has a manual mode, which allows me to slow via engine braking.


After unhitching the trailer, the Atlas Cross Sport prototype is a lot more spry. It's lighter than the seven-passenger Atlas, thanks to its six-inch shorter body and two-row seating configuration. The V6 engine has more than enough power to get it up and moving with a quickness. My drive time is brief, but in this short test, the Cross Sport prototype proves to be a competent on-road performer -- just like the regular Atlas – CNET


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