Volkswagen Golf GTI: a promising new generation!

Performance enthusiasts, rejoice! Volkswagen recently unveiled the new generation of the Golf GTI. On the menu: more power, more technology and still the same DNA that has made the GTI a must-have for decades.


Always more beautiful

For this new generation (called MK8), the Volkswagen Golf takes many of the design elements of previous generations but adds a good dose of modernity. The GTI variant, well known for its frenzied performance, stands out with a red line running across the grille, optional "X" shaped fog lights and wheels specially designed for this version.


In the cabin, most of the physical buttons have been dropped in order to create a much more streamlined space that puts the emphasis on driving. Behind the steering wheel, the instrument cluster is replaced by a 10.25-inch screen that can be modified according to your preferences.


The turbo magic

As tradition dictates, the GTI variant of the new Volkswagen Golf will offer enhanced performance that will delight lovers of the brand. The official power of this new GTI hasn't yet been announced, but Volkswagen assures that it will be superior to the 228 horsepower of the current model.


The Golf GTI will continue to be equipped with a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. A manual transmission will be on the menu, while an automatic will be available as an option. This new model is expected to be available in 2021.